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Suruga class by zagoreni010 Suruga class by zagoreni010
Republic of Honen Suruga class destroyer.
(i used some parts from Heuser, since BB1987 help correct some mistakes i add him to credits as well)

Technical specifications:
Class: Suruga
Type: Aegis - Guided missile destroyer
Year of introduction: 2009
Length: 177m
Crew: 210
Speed: 32 knots

1x  Nomato 130mm naval rapid fire cannon
2x Mk II "Notachi" CIWS
112 cell Mk41 Vertical Launching system (VLS) for mix of RIM-70 "Hydra" (Honen variant of American RIM-66) surface to air (SAM) missiles, RIM-161(ballistic missiles defense), RIM-162 (ESSM), RIM-174 (ERAM) (added in 2017), RUM-139H (Honen variant) anti-submarine missiles (ASROC),
4x Vertical launchers for Tomahawk cruise missile (from 2020 Tomahawk is to be replaced with domestically built "Storm" cruiser missile)
4x Upside VLS that carry total of eight ASVM-010 Seafire anti submarine missile)
4x twin torpedo launchers for MU90 lightweight torpedoes (two mounted on each side of the low hull)
8x RGM-84 Harpoon launchers
4x 25mm Bushmaster auto cannons
2-4x M2 Browing machine guns

It can carry up to two MH-60 Seahawk helicopters, however hangar base is big only for single helicopter (one can be stored and second on helipad).

Suruga posses all of the modern defense masures including advance jamming, chaff (smoke) and anti-torpedo decoys which can be fired from the under belly Upside VLS or torpedo tubes.


After Shima class guided missile destroyer was in process of retirement, Honen naval command already work on new generation of guided missile destroyer. Originally American Arleigh Burke or Japanese Kongo classes were intend to be purchased as replacement for Shima class, however work on new ship already started. It took almost ten years from first designs to first ship been built and launched. However once launched Suruga was more powerful then any other destroyer on world including American Burke, Japanese Kongo&Atago, South Korean Sejong The Great and other classes. However Suruga had flaws, some which were dangerous and were immediately needed to be corrected.

While Honen itself was not in any danger from war like South korea and Japan. It did invest massively into Navy and Air force, and Suruga was most expensive modern destroyer ever produced.

Suruga use the same Aegis system and all other modern electronics that were found on Burke and Kongo classes, this saved some money and time despite design take almost ten years due constant design problems.

In term of weapons, Suruga carry more weaponry then both Burke or Kongo, but similar to Sejong the Great, although there were differences.

Main gun was locally produced 130mm naval rapid cannon, developed by Honen military firm Nomato. It has great range and was usually used against low priority targets when missiles and torpedoes were not needed.
There is two Mk II"Notachi" CIWS (close in weapon systems), these were licensed and improved variants of Vietnamese Palma CIWS. While Mk I was basically Palma, Mk II Notachi was locally built and was different. Difference lays in system. The Palma had two four barreled Gatling cannons, mounted on end of the arms with sensor been in middle, however, Notachi have one eight barreled Gatling cannon located in mid while sensor was located on top. Notachi have little better range then American Phalanx and sensor system is by far better then both Phalanx or Palma systems.

Suruga have 112 Mk41 VLS (vertical launching system), not the largest number of VLS as only other destroyer having more is South Korean Seyong the Great (Not counting the cruisers). But like Seyong and other guided missile destroyers it have large variety of missiles, like anti-air missiles, anti-ballistic missiles, anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Against ground targets, Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon were the main weapons, together with 130mm bow cannon.
There is four torpedo launchers. These were installed into the low hull, two on each side of the ship. The system is pretty much advanced due taking very little internal space thanks to the fact that torpedoes that use (MU90 lightweight) need less space. Suruga carry total of eight MU90 torpedoes, four were always stored inside the launchers and other four in storage (which is always located on side of the torpedo tube and can quickly reload the second torpedo into the main torpedo tube by simply opening the side of torp tube and slide second torp in).

There is also four 35mm bushmaster cannons and from two to four M2 Browning machine guns for close combat.  However Suruga also carry revolutionary weapon system called the Upside VLS. These VLS are not launch their missiles in air as all modern VLS do, they launch them from the belly of the ship into the water itself. Two launcehrs were mounted on the sides of the ship close to the port and starboard side but pointing down instead up. These launchers launch the anti-submarine missile called ASVM-010 Seafire. Specially designed to fire under water. System is very complicated and it was one of most expensive weapon system on Suruga. First variant had problem as ship was need to be in deep sea to fire it, at least thirty to forty meters of depth before it could fire. Mk II variant which was introduced in 2018 reduce this to only ten meters of depth as missiles were pushed out of their launchers and then they move to their target at full speed. Suruga class ship is currently only ship in existence to have this type of weapon. US had similar system in development but due high price abandon the project.

Six Suruga class ships were constructed and they are the most important ships and largest destroyers in Honen navy not counting the helicopter carrier and Amphibious ships.

(HNS - Honen Naval Ship)

DDG 75 HNS Suruga - Commissioned in 2009            built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika       Home port - Omorika 
DDG 76 HNS Katsuga - Commissioned in 2010           built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika       Home port - Kihira
DDG 77 HNS Saranami - Commissioned in 2012         built by Miamoto Heavy Industries in Tabahana      Home port - Omorika
DDG 78 HNS Saitago - Commissioned in 2013            built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika      Home port - Kihira
DDG 79 HNS Abukamo - Commissioned in 2015        built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika        Home port  Soyoshima
DDG 80 HNS Kasuma - Commissioned in 2017            built by Miamoto Heavy Industries in Tabahana    Home port Omorika
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